Hi, I'm Mike.

I'm a copywriter, brand strategist and marketing consultant specializing in nonprofits and social enterprises.

My goal is to help you make more money so you can do more good and increase your impact in the world.


I believe the world needs social entrepreneurs and innovators, go-getters and go-givers who are driven by purpose above all else. I believe that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things in service of others.

I believe the world needs people just like you.

That's why I write direct-response copy and consult on communications and marketing for small and medium-sized organizations looking to grow.

My promise is simple: if you work with me, you won't get armchair theory. You'll benefit from my experience.

With more than 10 years of writing and marketing experience under my belt — most of it exclusively for nonprofits — I have learned what works. And more importantly, what doesn't

I have led communications and marketing for a $10m+ organization, helped start up a nonprofit from scratch, worked on capital campaigns and consulted for many small and medium-sized organizations.

I work as your creative partner so you can focus on doing work that matters. 

Be it....

  • creating an entire fundraising campaign
  • writing an annual report
  • reviewing your website 
  • writing a press release and training your spokespeople
  • crafting a speech for your CEO
  • creating a brand story strategy, or
  • working with you on key messaging to position your brand

...I am your guide for effective and clear communication that helps donors get it and take action.

That means you can spend less time worrying about your communications and marketing and more time focusing on the important work only you can do.

I make it my business to take care of yours.

I'm a copywriter and marketer who works for results.

With an MBA in management, my skills are firmly planted in the business world. I don't take the responsibility of shaping your brand and message lightly.

I am right at home talking numbers and business development with CEOs and leaders to create brand strategies and messages that lead to an increase in revenue and impact.

I share what I know — and what I'm learning.

While I try to blog regularly on this site, a lot of my writing is done privately to my email list.

Many readers feel it is my best content. Past emails have included examples of copy that performed really well, notes from conferences I attended or something new I learned while working with a client...I'm all about adding value to you and your organization.

Join my list below, and I'll send you regular actionable advice and tips.


Here are six ways you can work with me, from least commitment to most.

  1. Read my blog. I'm always trying to share what I know and what I'm learning so you can benefit from my experience.
  2. Subscribe to my email list. For various reasons, I don't publish everything on my blog — but I often share valuable information with my email list. Scroll back up a bit to subscribe.
  3. Book a one-hour strategy session with me. Need someone to review your appeal letter or email campaign? Want help structuring a speech? Looking for feedback on your website or annual report? Spend an hour with me on Skype and borrow my brain. Click here to book your session today.
  4. Hire me as a copywriter. Struggling to find the right words that help donors engage and get it? Need direct-response copy for a letter or email campaign? A newsletter that celebrates the donor as the hero? Need to give a speech that moves people? I'm here to write words that work. Fill out this copywriting questionnaire to get started. 
  5. Hire me as a speaker/trainer. I am a storyteller at heart and passionate about sharing what works to launch, build and grow a social impact organization. Email me at mike.duerksen [at] outlook.com for any speaking or teaching/coaching inquiries.
  6. Work with me to create a brand story strategy. How much money is a lack of clarity and message costing you? What if, instead of finding ways to guilt people into giving to your cause, you could build and market your organization to give donors a reason to choose you. Using a four-part framework I've developed, we will create a brand story that will re-imagine your organization and re-invent your marketing. Contact me today for more information.




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