Build a story-driven brand that attracts and retains donors.

Your brand story is more than just your content on your website, the words in your brochure, the articles in your newsletter or the speech you give to donors.

It's more than just what you tell people you do.

In fact, your story not about you at all.

Your brand story is about your donor and customer. It's about what drives them and scares them and motivates them. It's about their values and how they see the world. It's about how you make them feel. And how you can play a part in their own transformation.

Your brand story is about what people can do through you.

It's not about the story you tell — it's about the story you invite them into as the main character.

If you want to build a successful and sustainable organization, a brand that will attract donors and retain them, you have to start by understanding what’s driving their story.

I would love to work with you create:

  • Your story-driven brand strategy
  • Your positioning in the marketplace, including identifying the attitudes and beliefs that influence your donors
  • Your unique value proposition and case for support that answer your donors' three main questions (why you, why now, why them)
  • A plan to attract and retain more donors

Let me work as your consultant and guide.

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